Lighting your path to clean air.

Awair Glow tracks toxins and chemicals in your air and gives you personalized recommendations to help you stay safe and healthy.

Awair Glow identifies factors that determine your air quality...


Temperature makes all the difference for comfort and mood.


Too much or too little moisture leads to cold, flu symptoms and risk for toxic mold.


Toxic chemicals can be found in everyday materials. They can cause skin and respiratory irritation.


Indoor exposure to carbon dioxide can impair productivity and decision-making.

With Glow, you can quickly see the status of your air on the color-coded LED. You’ll also get in-depth insights and tips on the Awair app.

Glow plugs directly into the wall and can power on your “non-smart” devices the moment your air quality drops (or at certain times throughout the day).

humidifier Dehumidifiers
lamp Lamps
heater Portable Heaters
humidifier Humidifiers
air purifier Air Purifiers
fan Fans
air conditioner Air Conditioners

You can customize the triggers to
automatically activate your attached device.

Air Quality

“Ok Google, turn on
the bedroom humidifier.”

Glow connects with your Google Home or the Google Assistant to give you effortless, hands-free control of the devices you use to keep your family safe and comfortable.

“Alexa. Turn on the
living room humidifier.”

Connect Glow with Amazon Echo for hands-free control of the devices in your home – just ask Alexa.

Light Up

Glow has an elegant night light that activates by motion, touch, or through your Awair app. Perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and hallways.

Glow also works with Awair, so you can keep tabs on the air quality throughout your home.

awair glow and awair


At a glance, you can see your air quality on your Glow or on the Awair app.
Your Awair Score is a color-coded scale to let you know the quality of your air.

You can also track your improvements over time.


Glow gives you personalized tips and recommendations that are proven to improve your air quality.

Breathe Easy

Plug in your humidifier, purifier, or other device to Glow and it will automatically be powered on at the appropriate time.

Available on iOS + Android

30 Day Return 1 Year Warranty Specs
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