Get to know your air

Awair™ is a smart device
that helps you track and improve your air and shows how the indoor environment affects your health.

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Why Air Matters

You are what you breathe. Awair’s sensors monitor the five most important factors of indoor air quality.

The perfect temperature makes all the difference for comfort and mood.

Too much or too little moisture leads to colds, flu symptoms and risk for toxic mold.

High concentration of carbon dioxide is the major cause of “brain fog”.

Volatile organic compounds are toxic chemicals that cause skin and respiratory irritation.

Fine dust travels deep into our lungs and can trigger health problems like asthma and allergies.


The Awair Score and colored index will help you understand how your surroundings are affecting your well-being.


Awair cards provide actionable insights and quick fix tips that help you develop daily healthy habits. Following these can keep your homes and offices optimal places to live, work, and play.


Rich set of data and trending graph provide deep knowledge of your surroundings. Understand your behavior patterns and find out what’s causing poor air quality as it’s happening.

Trusted Source

Get access to thousands of articles, FAQ's, and other helpful contents from the most respected health care organization, Mayo Clinic, right to your fingertips.

"How can I help my child avoid asthma triggers?
Help your child avoid asthma triggers — allergens or irritants in the environment that can trigger asthma symptoms — by, first, identifying what those triggers are."


Our technology enables accurate sensing, hassle free setup and updates, personalized insights, and connectivity with other smart devices on Awair.

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Awair fits into your lifestyle and sophisticated taste.

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