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Awair for Offices

Poor office air quality can reduce productivity/revenues by 10%.

Awair’s products help you provide a happy, healthy, and safe environment for your employees. It’s proven that air quality in your building affects allergies, headaches, fatigue, and much more. Monitoring and maintaining safe air can lead to higher productivity in your workplace.

Awair for Schools

Over 90% of all K-12 schools are located within one mile of highways, exposing 4.4 million children to elevated levels of pollution.

Studies show poor air quality in schools can lead to...

  • Increase absences and the transmission of infectious diseases.
  • Decreased overall health and productivity of teachers.
  • Lower test scores and student performance (~15%) (Source: EPA)

With Awair products, you can foster an environment that empowers students to succeed.

Awair for Hospitality

Air quality is a key factor for overall comfort. More than 60% of guests will give better ratings to hotels with high indoor air quality. 40% of hotel guests rate air quality as highly important.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in cleaning supplies and air fresheners can cause symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and eye irritation.

With Awair, you can optimize air quality across your hotel and increase comfort and satisfaction.

Awair for Real Estate

In a study of WELL Certified office buildings, wellness is the next trillion-dollar industry and the most important of 7 WELL Concepts is Air.

Let Awair products give you and your clients the confidence in purchasing, building, and/or inhabiting spaces.

Awair for HVAC

How can I keep my clients safe and healthy, while...

  • Building trust and confidence with clients
  • Showing clients my continual value
  • Maintaining communication with clients

With Awair products, you can build an active long-term relationship with your clients.

Your Awair Dashboard

This dashboard is designed for you to monitor multiple Awair units in one simple, easy-to-use portal. You’ll also have access to trends and advanced analytics.

Awair dashboard screenshot on a laptop computer.

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